General terms and conditions

Training and workshops


  • Registration takes place in writing by means of the registration system on the website.
  • Registration is personal and binding.
  • For any multiple registrations at the same time, the personal details are required for each person and are binding.
  • Registration is only possible for the entire training or workshop.
  • Placement takes place in the order of receipt of registration and payment.
  • Through your registration you declare that you agree with the registration conditions.

Confirmation, payment and invoicing

  • After your registration and payment you will receive a proof of registration and the invoice by e-mail.
  • The proof of registration is only valid if the corresponding payment has been received by H. Cuppen. If, due to a (technical) defect, you receive a proof of registration without payment being made in good order, then this is not valid. In exceptional cases, H. Cuppen may require you to submit proof of payment.
  • For some courses the option is offered to pay in installments. However, the full amount must be paid three weeks before the start of the training.

Cancellation and refund

  • After registration you are legally entitled to revoke your registration free of charge for 14 days. This must be done by written cancellation. If the training or workshop starts within 14 days after registration, you agree to waive the cooling-off period.
    If you cancel your registration up to two weeks before the start of the training / workshop, you will be charged € 50 in administration, reservation and preparation costs at all times. You will receive your payment after deducting these costs from H. Cuppen.
  • If you cancel within two weeks before the start of the training / workshop, half of the total invoice amount will be charged and you will receive the other half from H. Cuppen.
  • If you cancel within 48 hours before the start or during the training / workshop, you owe the full amount.
  • Only written cancellation is possible. Telephone cancellations are expressly not considered as valid cancellations.
  • If, due to urgent and unforeseen circumstances, the training or workshop cannot take place, H. Cuppen will of course refund the full amount that you have paid.
  • Amounts you have already paid to H. Cuppen, to which you are entitled by cancellation on our or your part’s behalf in accordance with these registration and cancellation conditions, will be refunded by H. Cuppen within fourteen days of the cancellation date.
  • In the event of illness or sudden impediment of the trainer(s) or workshop leader(s), H. Cuppen reserves the right to use other qualified trainer(s).

Waiting list

  • In the event of over-subscription, a waiting list is used in the order of the registration date. As soon as a place becomes available, the next person on the waiting list is always approached.

Certificate of participation

  • Participants of the training courses (Follow-up training and Annual training LoveShy and Follow-up training Liefdesroep) will be issued proof of participation if one has participated in the full program. This proof also includes participation in the Introduction Training (LoveShy / Liefdesroep). Participants who have only followed an Introduction Training (LoveShy / Liefdesroep) and need proof of participation can request this by e-mail via

Copy, image and sound law

  • Participants are not allowed to make video or audio recordings of work forms such as set-ups, theory, presentations and other training activities.
  • The copyright of the training material and the intellectual property of the activities lies with H. Cuppen.

Health of participants

  • Participants are responsible for their registration, health and any need for coaching, guidance or (psycho) therapy. Any dietary requirements due to health reasons for meals can be taken into account. For this you must indicate at least 14 days before the start of the training by e-mail ( which adjustments you need. With major adjustments, it may happen that an additional price is charged. This will be discussed with you in advance if necessary.

Confidentiality and privacy

  • All personal information provided by participants, in whatever form and of whatever nature, is handled with the utmost care by H. Cuppen with strict confidentiality. Strict agreements have also been made on this with the team members of H. Cuppen and third parties engaged by H. Cuppen in the conduct of its business.
    During the group training, a rule of confidentiality will be agreed with the participants, which means that participants do not disclose personal information from other participants that is provided or heard during the training.
    Our Privacy Statement applies to training and workshops. We request that you take note of the integral statement by clicking on the link below.

Applicable law

  • All agreements concluded and to be concluded by H. Cuppen are exclusively governed by Dutch or European law.

Amersfoort, March 2019


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