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The Love Phobia courses are based on the book Love Phobia: How to overcome fear of commitment and abandonment.

The first step is to join the Introduction course. After completion of the Introduction course you can join the Follow-up course.


“Wow, I learned, felt and experienced so much! Hannah’s expertise, wisdom and experience gently led me to the heart of the matter. Being able to contact the wound has eased the pain and given it the right to exist. Hannah’s loving approach, sensitivity and humor helped me to feel safe and created a space for healing. I went away with valuable insights and lots of pointers to have healthier relationships. Above all, I went away with more self love and confidence than I’ve ever known.”

For whom?

You are welcome to join if the theme ‘Love Phobia’ resonates with you in any way. Whether you are in a relationship or single, male or female, everyone is welcome.
In order to be able to focus on experiential learning during the course, it is required to read the book before attending the course. This will help you to understand the theoretical framework before we start.


Love Phobia Introduction course

The Love Phobia Introduction course is the first step in feeling and experiencing the dance of pursu...

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Love Phobia In-depth course

If you'd like to dive deeper into the dynamic of pursual and withdrawal, you can continue the journe...

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“You are welcome to experience your love-phobic pattern in a safe and non-judgmental way.”

“It was a valuable course that has given me insight into my own behavior as well as valuable pointers on how to deal with my fear of commitment in everyday life. I’m not there yet, but I have been able to take big steps and that has given me a lot of confidence for the future.”

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