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On Valentine’s Day 2014, my book Liefdesbang was published. A lot of people recognized themselves in this book as if I had written down their personal love-story. I received numerous emails from people who wanted to thank me for writing this book. My book became a bestseller in the Netherlands, and has sold more than 100,000 copies. Seven years later, on Valentine’s Day 2021, Liefdesbang is also available in English: Love Phobia!

How available are you for love?

Would you like to have a relationship but do you find that your partner always withdraws? Do you keep falling in love with someone who is already taken? Or do you have the tendency to keep the other person at a distance, just as they are beginning to develop feelings for you? If you keep ending up in situations like this, you might recognise the dance of pursuit and withdrawal. You’re not the only one! The fundamental conflict between our need for intimacy and our need for freedom creates this game of pursuit and withdrawal, of attracting and repelling. It imprisons us in destructive dependency relationships. This book explains why people with fear of abandonment attract people with fear of commitment. It also shows which steps you can take towards greater self-esteem, self-love and connection. If you want to stop your ‘love-phobic’ dance and become available for love again, this book will show you the way.

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“Love Phobia is a masterpiece! It is one of the most insightful and helpful books
on love I have read. I recommend it to you wholeheartedly.”

Robert Holden

Author of Loveability and Finding Love Everywhere

“Love Phobia is a much needed map, guiding the reader to the treasures of loving and being loved, free of fear and past patterns. If you find yourself running after people who not available and running away from those who are, this book can help. Cuppen offers the wisdom and tools to transform your romantic life and find the love you have been longing for.”

Jessica Graham

Author of Mindful & mind blowing seks

Article Abondonment and Intimacy

They will certainly be familiar to you: People who fall in love quite often but find their love is usually unrequited. People that do not fall in love very easily, but when they do it’s for the wrong person, for someone who’s unavailable, already in a relationship or incapable of emotional intimacy for some other reason.
Until people understand how this dynamic plays out, they run the risk of falling into the same trap again and again and will continue to attract relationships that revolve around pursuing and then withdrawing from love.

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“With great clarity, Hannah Cuppen in Love Phobia, dives deep into the reasons why people get into and stay in relationships that lack reciprocity, real intimacy and closeness, all the while giving hope and direction on how to enter relationships based on self-love and true connection. I gained invaluable insights from this book and highly recommend it.”


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