How available are you for love?

Do you have everything else in order but, when it comes to love, things keep going wrong? Do you long for a partner but backtrack whenever you get close? Do all your feelings disappear as soon as someone wants to commit to you? Perhaps you are in a relationship but miss intimacy. ‘Love Phobia’ explains how these are all related to separation anxiety and fear of commitment and how to deal with them.

Love Phobia is not only for singles but also for anyone who is struggling to find a balance between freedom and connection in his or her relationship. It is a solution-oriented book that not only offers insights and tips but which also contains many authentic real-life case stories. It shows how you can open your heart to yourself and then to others and in so doing, give love a fair chance!
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Article Abondonment and Intimacy

They will certainly be familiar to you? People with busy social lives, who have successful careers, are content in their daily lives yet are still unlucky in love. People who are looking for a partner but who are unable to form a long-term, close and reciprocal relationship. People who have transitory or unrequited infatuations. People who never fall in love or, when they do, it is with the wrong person. People who have developed a pattern of always falling in love with someone who is unavailable, already in a relationship or who, for one reason or another is incapable of intimacy. People who are in a relationship which lacks either the mutual attachment or intimacy they long for or both; going through life more like brother and sister than as partners. Patterns like these that keep repeating themselves are an indication that it may be time to look beyond co-incidence and take a deeper look inwards to see how they run like a thread through your life.

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