About me

On this site you will find information about me as an author, therapist and trainer. What connects these three is my passion for developmental processes. Self-reflection, eagerness to learn and the necessary discipline are the key words when it comes to my own development. I have always wanted to learn from life and my life has provided enough challenges to do so. Apparently, I wanted to learn a great deal. Not only to enrich my own life but also to do something for others, another desire of mine.


The benefit of all this development has been greater connection and true contact from within the point where vulnerability and strength meet. Sometimes you may loose your way, but knowing how to get back when that happens is what it is all about for me.

What I need to keep growing is inspiration, being touched by the right people, books and places to learn. Inspiration broadens my awareness, encourages learning, movement, change and deepening. If I can inspire you or contribute in some way towards your unique developmental process, then feel welcome!


In my practice I am privileged to help people through their profound processes. This is where my heart lies. Witnessing people become open where they had previously been closed I regard as a precious gift. Contributing towards their journey from head to heart, from thinking to feeling I see as a most gratifying task.


The trainings I offer are where everything comes together because the group encounter provides a wonderful basis for learning. I love the dynamic that arises between people and use this as a tool to illustrate the process.


Writing has always been an important tool in my own learning process. Writing brings me back to my truth; it unravels tangles and replaces them with clarity and understanding. This process led to my book, Love Shy, a dream come true.

Stay informed?

I would like to keep you posted on my activities and progress. I will of course handle your information with care. For more info: view the Privacy statement.