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We hope that Love Phobia will be read by many people. The best way to gain a place in the international market is by writing an English review!

What are we aiming for? We aim for the Goodreads Choice Awards 2021! Goodreads Choice Awards is a very important price in the English book world. A nominated title will be seen, read and criticized by thousands, even millions of people. It is the readers’ choice and thus a unique opportunity to become known as a Dutch author in the English-speaking world.

To be eligible for this award we need 5000 4/5 star ratings. We have until the end of the year for that, so your review is extremely valuable! By posting as many reviews as possible, we will stand out and hopefully for the winning title! With the aim to help as many people as possible in the awareness of Love Phobia! This is how you can help to promote Love Phobia:

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Go to and give Love Phobia a lot of stars and let them know why by writing your review in English!
To leave a review you have to sign up in Goodreads.
It really doesn’t matter where you bought Love Phobia and whether you read Love Phobia in English or Dutch. The more stars the better. This is how we help new readers to free themselves from the love-phobic pattern.

Thank you!

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