Love Shy In-Depth Training:


Love Shy 2: The other side of love

At the end of the training:

• you will have become aware of the deeper bonding theme that keeps you trapped in dependent relationships

• you will have discovered what your attachment style is

• you will have discovered your own survival mechanisms and have made the choice to do things differently

• you will have taken steps towards freeing yourself from the entanglement with your parent(s)

• you will know, on a deeper level, what it takes to be partner



Love Shy 3: Connection instead of loss

At the end of the training:

• you will have completed all the steps of the bonding circle

• you will have explored both the outside and inside of the circle

• you will know where your strengths as well as your challenges regarding attachment lie

• you will know what your task is in connecting with yourself so that you can connect with a partner

Love Shy 4: How available are you for love?

At the end of the training:

• you will know what the ingredients for an equal relationship are

• you will have taken steps in the growth of self-esteem and self-love

• you will be able to open your heart (more) to yourself and to others

• you will have learned to apply a technique for equal and respectful communication

• been able to explore the key themes of right of existence and autonomy more deeply

• your internal opposite qualities will be more in balance

• you will be more available for love