The Love Shy Training is based on the book Love Shy: Overcome separation anxiety and fear of attachment.

Training consists of a total of four training blocks of two days each. These follow one other in a logical order. Each block corresponds to a part of the book.

For whom?
You are welcome to join if the theme of Love Shy resonates with you in any way, whether you are in a relationship or single, male or female. I take for granted that all participants will have read the book and are familiar with the theoretical framework so that we can focus on experiential learning during the training.

• Introductory Training:
Love Shy 1: The chase and flee dance

• In-depth Training:
Love Shy 2: The other side of love
Love Shy 3: Connection instead of loss
Love Shy 4: How available are you to love

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Pylon Building, De Poort 8C, 5751 CN, Deurne (NL)
Parking is free.

We start both days at 10:00 and finish at 17:00. The doors open at 9:30 am and coffee and tea are available.

We work experientially by means of various exercises interspersed with short pieces of theory.

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Introductory Training

In-depth Training

Feedback from participants:

'Boy, did I learn, feel and experienced a huge amount. Hannah's expertise, wisdom and experience gently led me to the heart of the matter. Being able to look the wound in the eye has eased the pain and given it the right to exist. There is a new clam in me. Her loving approach, sensitivity and disarming humour create a feeling of safety and space for healing. I went away with valuable insights and lots of pointers for how to be healthier in relationships. Above all, I went away with more self love and confidence than I have ever known.' 

'A worthwhile training which has given me insight into my own behaviour and where I got valuable pointers on how to deal with my fear of attachment in everyday life. I'm not there yet but I have been able to make great strides and that has given me a lot of confidence for the future.' Marjolein

'Besides taking me through the theory of the book Love Shy, the Love Shy Training brought me into contact with a deeper level in myself so allowing an inner block that I had felt for a while but could not put my finger on to be lifted. I was guided, in such a professional and safe way, in connecting with the depths of myself that I could show my vulnerability in a natural way and from there I became aware of patterns in my behaviour. In the past, I had always felt unsafe in a group, which was not the case at all in this training where the group became a wonderful, safe connection. The professional and warm human aspect of the guidance we were given made me, along with the other group members, feel truly heard and seen which created space in which an inner shift could take place.' Helmi

'Dear Hannah, thank you for your respectful approach, your warmth, your thoroughness, your involvement, your professionalism and the large 'box of tools'. Your book Love Shy was a crossroads for me. Your training has been a milestone. I have loved, been true to and embraced myself ever since, I am now a part of the whole.' Lizet