In my practice I focus on adults who have come to a point in their lives where they want to change something because it no longer works for them. They have either become stuck in situations, in contact with others or themselves or they are seeking enrichment in their personal development. There may be specific reasons for this such as a loss, a broken relationship, a burnout. It may also be something that has been lingering for some time, for example, loneliness, lack of meaning, things from the past surfacing or not being able to break old patterns. Somewhere along the line you have lost the connection with yourself, you find you have become separated from the stream of life... this will continue until you get to a point when you want to do things differently ...

Realising that every crisis contains the opportunity to take a step closer to what you truly want offers an opportunity for real progress and increased quality of life.

Finding your true identity again, the connection to your essence, is a worthwhile challenge but one that is not easy to do on your own. Therapy can be a great help here. If you are willing to look at yourself without judgment you will enter into a process of inner growth and awareness and that is always a step in the right direction.

During therapy you will gain insight into your old patterns and you will learn, by re-connecting with your authentic feelings, to replace them with a new way of living that is more in line with who you are now. During this process you will get more and more into your own natural flow and you will reap the benefits in all areas of your life.

Individual Therapy

In giving therapy I combine my specializations in an integral way so that the processes of raising awareness and change can begin. I connect with the person and his or her unique question, all the while seeing the person as a whole: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The methods I employ, which are experientially focussed rather than offering and external solution, help you to find your strength so that you can once again take charge of your own life from the inside out.

Time and time again I witness the benefits of experiential learning. In our minds we often know what is needed, but as long as our bodies are not made a part of the change, whatever we learn will not take root. Since real change comes from within, I focus my work on the body and on the internal processes taking place there. If we take this into account then each step taken will contribute towards moving in the desired direction.

During therapy, I combine three main pillars:

Provides many opportunities for insight, awareness and assimilation.
The instruments I work with include relaxation techniques, grief counselling, visualization, regression, inner child work, energetic work, NLP and voice dialoloque.

Spiritual Therapy
This focuses on the self-healing power that is present in each and every human being. If you are willing to connect with the earth, both feet on the ground, it will help to restore the connection with yourself, with your authenticity. True spirituality is being able to be present in your body and be in contact with whatever you experience there from within a position of connection. From there we can transform our survival attitude into skills and talents.

Systemic work
Aims to reveal hidden obstacles in family systems. It gives a deep insight into yourself, the dynamics of family systems and into human relationships. This, in turn, provides connection, acceptance and purpose.

Relationship Therapy

Often, in the encounter between partners, a great many things are awakened. During relationship therapy I work primarily from the standpoint of systemic work. Loyalty to the system of origin often affects the position taken within the relationship as well as the mutual dynamic. Pain from your past that you shield yourself from is precisely the pain your partner awakens in you. When this happens we easily fall back into old patterns rather than making use of the chance for healing. Partners daring to open themselves to their old pain can create new space in their encounter with one another.

I have specialized in the issues regarding separation anxiety and fear of commitment.

See article: Abandonment and Intimacy.

See book: Love Shy.

Liefdes BANG