Marc Bouwmeester

I know Love Phobia intimately, having experienced plenty of insecurity around love. In the second grade of high school, I had a crush on a girl for a whole year, but I didn’t know how to ask her out. I was totally obsessed with her and it was a miracle that I even passed the school year. The sad thing about it was that I kept it all to myself. I didn’t share my crush with anyone, not with my parents, sister or brother and not with my friends. I tried to deal with it all by myself. There was so much shame around intimacy and sexuality that I didn’t dare connect with anyone about it. This insecurity continued to haunt me for a long time after that. I had to learn to confront this, to go within, to connect with my vulnerability and embrace my sensitivity.

As a child, my parents exposed me to the world and stimulated my autonomy. I was greatly encouraged to discover, go out into the world, become independent and develop my potential; that’s where my adventurous nature and zest for life come from. At a young age, I thought I could take on the world, but somehow I often forgot to take myself with me. It remains challenging for me to find the balance between staying connected with my inner world and being open to the attractions of the outer world. Because of my enthusiasm, I can easily overstretch myself. It is important for me to set aside enough self-time, so that I can take my emotional world with me.

You best serve the greater whole by becoming truly yourself. That is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

We live in special times. We have never been this prosperous and the societal challenges we face have never been this great. Like Hannah, it is my mission to inspire as many people as possible to make their own personal transition from fear to love. Through this, I wish to contribute to the creation of a world of unity, abundance, effortlessness and life in harmony with nature.

Hannah’s work fits in seamlessly with this vision and I have great admiration for how she has set it down on paper and how she brings it into the world. It’s wonderful to contribute to this:

  • Hannah and I developed a training based on her second book (Liefdesroep) together. We regularly deliver both the introduction and follow-up trainings.
  • I also regularly assist with both the introduction and follow-up Love Phobia trainings

As Hannah’s life partner, I gradually became more involved in her company and towards the end of 2018 I became Hannah’s business partner.

In my own practice as a coach / therapist, people consult me for the following:

  • Individual coaching
  • Couples Therapy

In addition to my work with Hannah, I have actively been working with organizations for over 25 years. I guide people and organizations to live their lives to the full and to align their work with their core identity.

I believe (socially responsible) companies can play a major role in the transition to a better world. As an organizational coach I guide the transformation of existing organizations into meaningful organizations and as a business coach I support social entrepreneurs to take that next step, to increase their range/scope and thus be of true significance in resolving social issues.

For my work as supervisor, trainer and coach, I have followed a rich and varied path of professional training and accreditation:

  • ITIP: 3-year Integral Psychology training
  • Piet Weisfelt: Pathology and Health in Organizations
  • Phoenix: Systemic Work and Professional Guidance of Organizations
  • Piet Weisfelt: 1-year training in Intimacy and Sexuality.
  • Certified OBM practioner (VU): training in Behavioral Change in Organizations.
  • HeartMath Therapist training
  • Appreciative Inquiry training

Location: Amersfoort

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