Do you have everything else in order but, when it comes to love, things keep going wrong? Do you long for a partner but backtrack whenever you get close? Do all your feelings disappear as soon as someone wants to commit to you? Perhaps you are in a relationship but miss intimacy. 'Love Shy' explains how these are all related to separation anxiety and fear of commitment and how to deal with them.

Love Shy is not only for singles but also for anyone who is struggling to find a balance between freedom and connection in his or her relationship. It is a solution-oriented book that not only offers insights and tips but which also contains many authentic real-life case stories. It shows how you can open your heart to yourself and then to others and in so doing, give love a fair chance!

Love Shy is the winner of the Best Spiritual Book of the Year Award for 2015.

Love Shy won the Best Spiritual Book of the Year Award for 2015. The award was announced during the Dutch television programme 'Koffietijd' on the 6th of Februari 2015.
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Interview Radioprogramma De Nachtgast BOS - VPRO van 2 september 2015, 00:00-00:35:

'Is there a guide to happiness? Probably not. This however is an extraordinary book! Informative and moving. And oh, so much of the story is recognisable.'
Ernst Jansz (Doe Maar)

'Loving freely is a great art which demands courage at just the right moment. This is a book you can fall back on whenever you lose your way.'
Monic Hendrickx (Actress)

'Love Shy is an effortless read about a problem that will be familiar to a great many people. As reader you will not only be given an insight into what fear of commitment and separation anxiety are and how the two relate to one another, but you will also learn to localise your own fears regarding love and overcome them. This book is a must-read for anyone struggling with relationships!'
Tjerk Noordraven (Editor)

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